Founded in 2011, Wombats is the largest and one of the most organised and innovative cricket club of Dubai. The club has probably had the biggest impact on Dubai semi-professional cricket in the last few years with its breakthrough ideas and radical implementations. Be it cricket nets, organising largest dubai cricket league tournament, social events, member engagment, personal development, life skill training, the club has surpassed all precedences. This is the hottest cricket club to be in.

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Desert Storm and a Lost Crow

Wombats Dubai Super League 2016 – 17 Cricket 6th January 2017 The much awaited match between the number one and two sides of DSL did not disappoint. Even though there were the best part of two spectators, one

Wombats – King of Dubai Super League

Dubai Super League Fifth Edition, the largest amateur level cricket league in Dubai, involving 16 teams, and approx. 500 players, started with much excitement in September 2017 and came to a grand conclusion on

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